7. mail Martin Rundkvisti loeng

Kolmapäeval, 7. mail  peab Rootsi arheoloog PhD Martin Rundkvist avaliku loengu

From burial data to chronology and social interpretation via computer-aided statistics

Loeng toimub Tartus Jakobi 2–213 algusega kell 16.15.

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A furnished burial speaks to us about many things. Some of the more accessible parameters are the point in time when the funeral took place, how expensive the funeral was, the gender and other social roles of the deceased, and within what sort of religious framework the funeral was staged. For the archaeologist who wants to study any one of these parameters, it is far more powerful to base one’s arguments on a large sample of burials than on just a few cases. And with a sufficiently large sample, computer-aided statistics offer the swiftest and clearest way to identify and examine patterns in the data. Examples in the talk are taken from Gotland in the era AD 400-1100.

Rubriigid: Uudised. Salvesta püsiviide oma järjehoidjasse.