9. Doctoral and Master's theses defended

Within the period under observation (1998-2002) 7 MA theses and 3 PhD theses on archaeology were defended in the Council of the TU Department of History; besides, one PhD thesis was defended here earlier (1996) and one more PhD thesis was defended at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki.

9.1. List of Master' theses defended in the Council of the Department of History in 1998-2002

Tanel Moora, (1938) The influence of natural conditions on antiquities in the formation of the Stone Age settlement around Kunda.
Defended 16 December1998.

Ülle Tamla (1951) The technology of manufacturing silver objects on the grounds of the 9th -13th cc. Material, found in Estonia.
Defended 16 December 1998.

Heidi Luik (1963) Prehistoric and medieval bone combs in Estonia. Supervisor
Prof. V. Lang. Defended 17 December 1998.

Gurly Vedru (1970) The prehistoric settlement area around Lake Kahala. Supervisor Prof. V. Lang. Defended 17 December 1998

Erki Russow (1974) Imported earthenware in Western Estonia c. 1225-1650.
Supervisor Lect. A. Mäesalu. Defended 05 June 2001.

Aldur Vunk (1959) Estonian medieval stove and glazed tiles. Dating, technology
and aspects of interpretation mainly on the finds of Pärnu.
Defended 14 June 2001.

Anton Pärn (1960) Town and hinterland. The settlement history of the region of
Haapsalu in the 13th - 15th centuries.
Supervisor Prof. V. Lang. Defended 21 June 2002.

9.2. List of doctoral dissertations defended in the Council of History in 1996-2000

Valter Lang (1958) Prehistoric Rävala. Antiquities, chronology and the establishment of farming settlement in North-West Estonia, with special reference to the area on the lower reaches of the Pirita River.
Defended 17 December 1996.

Heiki Valk (1959) Rural Cemeteries of Southern Estonia 1225-1800 AD.
Defended 18 December 2001.

Andres Tvauri (1970) Prehistoric Tartu. The investigation of the
settlement history of prehistoric hill-fort and settlement of Tartu.
Defended 20 December 2001.

Marika Mägi (1968) At the Crossroads of Space and Time. Graves, Changing Society and Ideology on Saaremaa (Ösel), 9th -13th centuries AD. Supervisor Prof.emer. E. Tõnisson. Defended 28 February 2002.

9.3. List of doctoral dissertations defended in the University of Helsinki

Aivar Kriiska (1965) Stone Age Settlement and Economic Processes in the Estonian Coastal Area and Islands. Helsinki, 2001. (
Defended: 09 March 2001

10. Current Doctoral and Master's projects

At present there are all in all 8 MA and 4 PhD students studying at the TU Department of History, Chair of Archaeology (cf. in the spring of 1999 there was one student on either level of studies, respectively). In accordance with the number of students' places (c. 13-15 MA students and 4-5 PhD students a year) every spring an over-departmental competition is held. In our case in recent years (beginning with 1999) there have been 2 new MA students and 1 new PhD student, on an average. Considering the number of candidates and the results of their prior level, these figures have been more or less optimal for the speciality of archaeology; in the future some tensions may mount up because we have more talented students in the basic programme than ever before.

10.1. Themes of Master's Theses in 1998-2002

Krista Sarv (1974) Medieval leather footwear in Estonian towns. Supervisor Lecturer Ain Mäesalu.

Ulla Saluäär (1975) The Stone Age of South-Western Estonia.
Supervisor Lecturer Aivar Kriiska.

Tõnno Jonuks (1974) Religion and ideology of the Metal Ages of Estonia.
Supervisor Prof. Valter Lang.

Marge Konsa (1973) Stone graves of the Late Iron Age inViljandimaa.
Supervisor Prof. Valter Lang.

Kristin Ilves (1978) Maritime cultural landscape in Western Estonia and islands.
Supervisor Prof. Valter Lang.

Mauri Kiudsoo (1973) Estonian monetary hoards from the beginning of the
Livonian War (1558) until the end of the Great Northern War (1721).
Supervisor PhD Ivar Leimus.

Margot Laneman (1979) Stone-cist graves of Rebala and Jõelähtme in Northern Estonia.
Supervisor Prof. Valter Lang

Arvi Haak (1978) Viljandi and hinterland: archaeological finds in the Late Iron Age and in the Medieval period (11th-16th cc.).
Supervisor Heiki Valk

10.2. Themes of Doctoral Theses

Heidi Luik (1963) Bone and horn objects in Estonian archaeological
material in prehistoric and medieval times.
Supervisor Prof. V. Lang

Anton Pärn (1960) Centre and hinterland. The formation of the Saare-Lääne (Ösel-Wiek) diocese centres.
Supervisor Prof. V. Lang

Erki Russow (1974) Imported earthenware in Tallinn 1200-1700.
Supervisor Prof. V. Lang

Gurli Vedru (1970) The use of coastal areas by Northern-Estonian agricultural settlement with special reference to the region from the Jägala River to the Valgejõe River.
Supervisor Prof. V. Lang