Tartu 2003



  1. Consolidated data
1.1. A historical review of the Chair of Archaeology and the Kabinet of Archaeology
1.2. Main directions of research activities
1.3. Structure (Table 1)

1.4. Coordination and administration of internal institutional research activities
1.5. Consolidated data about financing (Table 2)
1.6. Summary table for publications (Table 3)
1.7. Development strategy and research perspectives of the CA and AK
1.8. Scientific collections
  2. Projects of target-financing
2.1. Processes of Popular Culture in Estonia in the Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (1998-2002). TFLAJ 0531
2.2. "Social, economic and cultural processes in prehistoric and medieval Estonia" (TFLAJ 2557)
  3. Data about allocated research grants
3.1. ESF grant No. 4563: "Keava - "The Hand of the Sun" (2001-2004)
3.2. ESF grant No. 3290: "The 9th-16th cc. shooting arms in Estonia" (1998)
3.3. ESF grant No. 3818: "Prehistoric and medieval weaponry in Estonia. Typology and technology", (1999-2002)
3.4. ESF grant No. 3363: "Computering archaeology in Tartu University" (1998-2000)
3.5. ESF grant No. 4366: "Reflections of popular religion and Christianisation process in Estonian archaeological material and oral tradition" (2001-2004)
3.6. G. Soros' Research Support Scheme grant No. 827/1998 "Archaeological Sites and Oral Tradition in Estonia and in Finland" (1998-2000)  
3.7. ESF grant No. 3327: "Prehistoric Tartu. A study of the settlement history of the hill-fort and settlement site of Tartu" (1998-2000)  
3.8. ESF grant No. 5314: "Late Iron Age pottery in Estonia" (2002-2004)  
3.9. ESF grant No. 3332: "The Stone Age settlement in coastal Estonia" (1998-2000)  
3.10. ESF grant No. 4558: "A Late Neolithic breakthrough - the phenomenon of Corded Ware Culture" (2001-2004)  
3.11. ESF grant No. 5328: "Central- and Southwestern-Estonian Mesolithic" (2002-2005)  
3.12. ESF grant No. 4589: "The historical heritage of Estonian cultural landscapes" (2001-2003)  
  4. Results of applied investigations  
  5. Development strategies  
  6. A brief summary of research activities and development strategies  
6.1. More important international seminars and conferences organised by the CA and AK
6.2. Awards and acknowledgements
  7. Cooperation with other Estonian universities and research institutions  
  8. Participation in international research and development projects  
  9. Doctoral and Master's theses defended  
9.1. List of Master' theses defended in the Council of the Department of History in 1998-2002
9.2. List of doctoral dissertations defended in the Council of History in 1996-2000
9.3. List of doctoral dissertations defended in the University of Helsinki
  10. Current Doctoral and Master's projects  
10.1. Themes of Master's Theses in 1998-2002
10.2. Themes of Doctoral Theses
This self-assessment report was compiled by Professor Valter Lang,
the Chair of Archaeology, the Department of History, the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tartu